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What Lack Of Exercise Will Do To Your Body

We are walking through our lives depending on the beat of out drum, but without some things we cannot do nothing. Our body can be only two months without food, two weeks without water, and for a lot of people only two days without workout, before we thrown off the rhythm for exercising. In this article you will read about the importance of the regular workout in our health.3


Probably you have been in a situation where sitting for only few seconds felt like you were trapped in that chair for long hours. If you were in this kind of situation, dont be stressed, your body is telling you to star to do something not just sitting and doing nothing.

The internal clock in your body is also called circadian rhythm, and it has great role for the body. This circadian rhythm is regulating your hunger, sleep, hormones and the most important (for this article) your need for physical action.


There is a research by Boston College in 2009 showing that irregular movement of young people can be categorized and followed with using simple logic. When we have period of continued movements, for example 8 working hours or high intensity of workout, this circadian rhythm will to the young people to slow down, or chill out.

But for big surprise, some other research from Harvard University is showing that circadian rhythm of the young animals is pretty much the same as circadian rhythm of young people.

This research brought some great results. As they a growing old, animals (and also people) will start to decline the rational movement timing. Instead of been active they will sit and opposite, instead of sitting they will be active.

This was normal behavior at first place, because they were older animals with weak brain function, but when scientists removed the workout supplies from their cages, all animals (old and yang) started to have some irregular and illogical outburst of movement, randomly during the day and night.

When the workout supplies were given to the yang animals, circadian rhythm returns to its previous standard.


Scientists reveled some great key discoveries. At first place, dont doing exercises can be dangerous. At second place people, alike the animals who were sitting, will lose circadian rhythm if they stay inactive for more than a couple of days. We know that circadian rhythm is controlling a lot of aspects in your life, like sleeping and eating, losing it will mean big step back in your healthy lifestyle.

The scientists also recommends if we keep form of regular movement, this circadian rhythm will stay active during the entire life

The advantages of keeping up a standard activity timetable are unlimited, not just will you boost your physique, and you will sleep, eat and lead a better life.