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What Kind Of Woman Are You According To Your Sleeping Position

Have you ever noticed in what kind of sleeping patterns you sleep? Have you ever wondered why do you sleep in this particular posture in the first place? If you haven’t noticed until now, you will probably do that tonight, because your sleeping position holds secretes of your psyche.

What Kind Of Woman Are You According To Your Sleeping Position

Your personality can be understood by observing the way you hit the bed. Most of you will relate to at least one of these sleeping positions.

1. The Free Fall Position

If you are one of the girls who want to lay flat on the bed like a door mat, then you are likely to have an amicable disposition. If your sleeping position is inverted in terms of your hands being tucked under the pillow, then you have e welcoming personality. The latter posture also reveals that you are pretty compassionate about all things in life.

2. The Gummy Bear Position

If you are a hugger and want to hug anything and everything while you sleep, then you are an extremely open minded person. This sleeping position also shows that you are a person open to people and their thoughts in general. Thanks to this trait of yours, people trust you easily. This sleeping position also indicates that you are pretty sensitive person.

3. The Plank Sleep Position

If you lay straight with your arms beside you while you sleep, then you probably live in vanity and have a high opinion of yourself. Also, this sleeping position shows that you tend to have high standards for other people too, as well as that you are reticent and a quiet person.

4. The Sideways Position

If your sleeping position matches the one assigned with number four in the picture, than you are probably very calm person, even in difficult situations. You are probably frequently hurt by other people, as they take undue advantage of your generosity. Despite the fact that you trust people easily and that trust is very often broken, you remain sufficiently strong to bury the hatchet.

5. The Heavy Snorer

People are usually unaware of the fact that they snore heavily while they sleep, but some may drop hints by saying that they don’t want to join you for a sleepover or by saying that they like to sleep in separate rooms. You should read the hidden message behind this hint and even consult a doctor if the problem worsens. If you snore during the sleep, you might feel agitated during the day, because your body may not get sufficient rest during the night.

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