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What Happened In The Middle Of This Desert Seems To Defy All Logic

Picture the Sahara, the immense expanse of desert in Northern Africa. The entire desert is roughly the size of the mainland United States. When picturing the climate, youre likely thinking of sand, sun, and blistering temperatures. And youd be right. Normally.


This is a pretty typical idea of the Sahara: a huge stretch with minimal precipitation. Some areas of the desert regularly go without any precipitation for decades.


People in this climate bundle up, but its to protect themselves from the sun and heat. The average daily high temperature is 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even the Sahara experiences some unexpected weather sometimes. There have, to date, been only two recorded instances of snow in the Sahara. One was in February of 1979, where the snow survived for half an hour, but there are barely any photos of the event. It wasnt until January of 2012 when it snowed again. It was better documented during this bizarre instance.


January of 2012 saw snow in Algeria. The golden desert suddenly turned white.


The snow happened when a cold front traveled across Europe and dipped farther south than normal. Naturally, it was a bit surprising to the locals.


Well, this is different.
The snow actually turned out to be helpful, as the cold temperatures killed off pests that were damaging palm trees.

Needless to say, the snow didnt last long, and the climate soon returned to normal. However, the storm lasted long enough for people to (naturally) have themselves a snowball fight or two. Many of the people in the area had never seen snow, so it was an extra special treat.