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Ways To Figure Out The Weather Without Looking At Your Phone

The weather is a powerful enigma. It can cause some of the best days you”ve ever had, and it can absolutely ruin any activity that you”ve had planned. If you were planning a trip to the beach, you”d want to know if it”s going to rain while you”re there…but what if you don”t have a computer, smartphone, or television handy to tell you the forecast?

Well, here are some ways you can predict the weather without relying on technology. All you need is some good old fashioned gumption and a mind full of wonderment.

1. Crickets


Count how many times a cricket chirps in 14 seconds and add 40 to that number. That”s an approximate estimate of the temperature in your area.

2. Smell


Believe it or not, our nose can sense low and high humidity in the air. It can detect the fragrances that escape plants and grasses during changes of humidity.

3. Pine cones

Pine cones

Pine cones close up when humidity increases to protect their seeds from the incoming storms.

4. Pigs


Well, pig spleens actually. They can predict temperature and whether precipitation is about to roll through.

5. Birds


When birds fly high in the sky, the weather will be fair. If they are lower to the ground, rain is probably on its way.

6. Smoke


If smoke goes straight up into the air, the weather should be clear. If smoke swirls near the ground, rain is coming around. Easy to remember, right?

7. Frogs


If you notice that frogs around you begin to have louder croaks, you might want to grab an umbrella, because rain is most likely on its way.

8. Wooly caterpillars

Wooly caterpillars

The wider the lighter, middle portion of a wooly caterpillar, the milder the winter. Some scientists say this one is bogus, but it”s an old wives tale that has stuck around for some time.

9. Geese


The coloring near the breastbone of a goose will tell you what kind of winter to expect. If the feathers are darker, that means a bad winter is ahead.

10. Persimmon seeds

Persimmon seeds

By looking at the seeds of a persimmon, you can tell what kind of winter you”ll be having.

11. Bees


Bees will take shelter when a storm is approaching. They don”t want to be caught in the rain either.

12. Hair


If you have curly hair and you notice that it”s frizzled out, that means the humidity is high (and the conditions are prime for a storm or rain).

13. Red Skies

Red Skies

“Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.” This old adage is fairly accurate and is based on on the reddish glow of the morning or evening sky. The glow is usually caused by haze or clouds related to storms in the region.

14. Clouds


Certain cloud formations can tell you about the weather. White, fluffy clouds mean a good weather day, while dark clouds huddled together mean a storm is coming. Know your cloud types!

15. Cattle


When a storm is coming, cattle herd together. They”ll also lie low to keep dry and protected.

16. Halos


Another old adage that is used to predict the weather is, “When a halo rings the moon or sun, rain is approaching on the run.”

(via MentalFloss)

They may not be the Doppler radar, but these methods can help you in a pinch to predict the weather in your area. Be on the lookout for these items if you can”t get to your phone or computer, and I”m sure everyone will be convinced that you”re an expert meteorologist.

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