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Viral Clip Will Put a Lump in Your Throat and a Smile on Your Face

When animal welfare officials observed dozens of dogs and three farm animals living in squalor on the property of a hoarder earlier this year, they transported them all to various facilities in Northern California.

While all concerned got a taste of much better living conditions, two of the farm animals Mr. G (a goat) and Jellybean (a burro) were separated for the first time in their lives, according to KTVU-TV in Oakland.

Mr. G was at the Animal Place in Grass Valley and staff there noticed something was wrong.


The goat refused to eat. He eschewed faves like sweet grain and apples and just lay in the corner of his stall.

Physical exam? Check. Nothing wrong in his body.

So after a four-day hunger strike, officials decided to try reuniting Mr. G with his buddy Jellybean.

Not an easy task; it took three days before the burro arrived at Grass Valley.


But when Jellybean was being unloaded from the trailer, magic happened.

Mr. G heard his pal, turned his head, leapt to his hooves, and bolted for the door.

Inseparable once again, Mr. G and Jellybean are sharing a pen.


And the goat once again is eating his oats.


Check out the clip below. (You never know: It could be somewhat staged, complete with the Daughtry Home soundtrack, but its quite the heartwarmer nonetheless):

New York Daily News