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This Sign a Dollar Store Posted Has Liberals Accusing Them of RACISM


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

A Family Dollar store in St. Louis has suffered a spate of recent robberies at gunpoint by Black men wearing hoodies, to obscure their faces. So in an effort to prevent such crimes, and God forbid actually catch the perps, they posted the sign above on their front window.

Oh no…they didnt.

So now some shoppers and many liberals online are now accusing them of racism and discrimination.

The sign merely reads Attn Customers: Please remove hoods before entering Family Dollar. This following multiple armed robberies including a shocking incident in which the thug fired a gun in the store. So the owners now have the nerve to want to make sure security cameras can capture peoples faces.

I would call it discrimination. Roger Williams told St. Louis News 4. Thats not right. It shouldnt matter that youre going in there with your hood on. If youre not stealing, and youre buying, purchasing something, whats the problem? That shouldnt be an issue.

Some liberals even called it racism and claimed that the store was trying to take their policies out on the victimized people of Ferguson, despite the fact that this store is miles away from there. Tweeter FantasmusDog said: It is clear they dont want any of them niggas round there. Others insanely tried to link it to the Trayvon Martin incident:

KKK??? For simply trying to stop more armed robberies? Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

Looks like Family Dollar may be starting to feel the heat from these wackos. Their Public and Media Relations Manager Bryn R. Winburn said they didnt approve the sign and that theyre launching an investigation.

Huh? Oh well, they probably dont want to hear from Reverend Al come Monday morning.

Its sick and getting sicker.

News 4 St. Louis coverage below: