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This Is What The Largest Hot Desert In The World Looks Like From Space.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, some of them are bound to be interesting. In this photograph taken by an astronaut in the International Space Station, the Sahara desert meets the Atlantic Ocean. The meeting point of the largest hot desert in the world and the world”s second largest ocean is pretty epic (as it should be).

Check it out!

The distance from which the picture was taken allows us to observe natural patterns like wind streaks and the reflected sunlight makes it possible for us to see sabkhas (salt flats) and internal waves. Though internal waves are barely even noticeable from the surface, below it they can sometimes grow to an upwards of 550 feet. The phosphate transport line really puts into perspective how great of a distance must be traveled to bring phosphate minerals from the inland mines to the coast for trade. The minerals are used to make many things, including fertilizers and flame retardants.

Take a look at some more amazing pictures of the Sahara that were taken from space!

(via Earth Observatory, livescience)

That Sahara is pretty photogenic for barren land.

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