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These Products Are As Useful As They Are Small. I Need Every One!

Bigger doesnt always mean better. These tiny products are perfect examples of that. A huge part of what makes these small gadgets and gizmos so amazing is that theyre not huge. They”d be useful if they were normal sized, too, but then you couldn”t bring them with you anywhere.

All of these brilliant inventions are small enough to fit in your pocket, but could are so useful. Some are life-saving.

1. Epic Keyboard

Epic Keyboard

2. StickNFind Mini Tracker

StickNFind Mini Tracker

3. Miniwiz Wind Turbine

Miniwiz Wind Turbine

4. Pocket Fire Extinguisher

Pocket Fire Extinguisher

5. Scrubba Wash Bag

Scrubba Wash Bag

6. Wallet Flask

Wallet Flask

7. Indestructible Pen

Indestructible Pen

8. Zippo Handwarmer

Zippo Handwarmer

9. Pocket Turntables

Pocket Turntables

10. Cutlery Pocketknife

Cutlery Pocketknife

11. Multi-tool Ring

Multi-tool Ring

12. Socialmatic Camera/Printer

Socialmatic Camera/Printer

13. Dash A Wireless Speaker

Dash A Wireless Speaker

14. SpaTap Instant Shower Head

SpaTap Instant Shower Head

15. Alcohoot Breathalyzer

Alcohoot Breathalyzer

16. Chobi Cam Night Vision Camera

Chobi Cam Night Vision Camera

17. Faceflash Drive

Faceflash Drive

18. Cardsharp Knife

Cardsharp Knife

19. Treasure Wheels Miniature Mover”s Dolly

Treasure Wheels Miniature Mover

20. Stun Gun Cigarette Lighter

Stun Gun Cigarette Lighter

(via Distractify)

I could buy every single one of these. And hey, the more money you spend, the more room you”ll have in your pocket for them.