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The Therapeutic Effects of Bassela rubra Linn

This Korean originated plant with rhizome and leaves, named in English Heartleaf maderavine madevine, in Chinese known as Deng san Chi and in Indonesia called Binahong is traditionally used for its herbal therapeutic effects to:

The Therapeutic Effects of Bassela rubra Linn

  • Heal wounds post to surgical operations, giving birth, and circumcision,
  • Heal bleedings: gastrointestinal, internal and external wounds, varicose veins, vomiting, gums and coughs,
  • Heal eczema, dermatitis, burns,
  • Normalize and sustain blood circulation, blood pressure and menstrual cycle,
  • Prevent stroke, ulcer and effects of excess uric acid,
  • Enhance and recur vitality and immunity,
  • Facilitate urination and defecation,
  • Relieve dizziness, stomach ache,
  • Alleviate diabetes mellitus, acne.


Dosage could either be:

  • 5 (cleaned) leaves as it is: chew and swallow.
  • Boil 5 to 10 (cleaned) leaves in one glass of water: drink, once/day.
  • Make 5 to 10 leaves juice with some water: drink once/day.
  • Grind 5 to 10 leaves with some water, apply to the affected skin.
  • Grind the dried rhizome, put in capsules: take 3 times/day.

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