If youre an artist or have a knack for painting in your free time then youve probably experienced the frustrating moment when you dont have access to a particular color. That moment can drive anyone crazy and we really mean it. Imagine owning a plethora of color pencils but you just cant find that precise color. However, we have a solution for your frustration; The Scribble Pen.The Scribble Pen4 The Scribble Pen5

The Scribble Pen will allow the users to draw with 16 million colors and this translates into the fact that youll have access to all the colors youll ever need in the form of this gadget. The pen will allow you to pick colors from anything around you and then allow you to use the recently acquired color to draw on paper or on your smartphone.The Scribble Pen2

The gadget is yet to go into production, but it has been told that it is capable of storing 100,000 unique colors in its internal memory and is capable of reproducing about 16 million unique colors. The gadget comes from developers based in California and they describe it as; Worlds first color picking pen and have also speculated that this invention will soon be on the verge of becoming a household gear.

How does the gadget work? It works by making use of a color sensor and a microprocessor which is capable of detecting colors. Afterwards, a mixture is made to create the required ink for drawing by making use of small refillable ink cartridges which are stored inside its body. According to the information available; a Scribble Stylus will also be soon revealed which will be accompanies by an app which will bring the captured colors to the artists smartphone or tablet by employing Bluetooth.The Scribble Pen3

The creators, Mark Barker and Robert Hoffman said; With Scribble you can scan, match or compare colors, draw on paper or your mobile device. We know people are going to love it. The duo plans on starting a Kickstarter campaign soon and will retail it for about $150 without the Stylus ($80).