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Some Of Your Favorite Animals Used To Be Terrifying Giants. Eek.

A long time ago in a galaxy thats actually the one were in now, giant animals called megafauna roamed the Earth. While many of them looked like the animals we would find on this planet today, they were actually much larger in size. Much, much larger.

After all, some creatures had to fill the void that was left open when those silly dinosaurs kicked the bucket. See how some of your favorite animals compare to their colossal cousins from the past!

(I never knew something cuddly could be so scary…)

1. Megatherium/Sloth


These super-sized sloths stood around 23 feet tall and weighed over seven tons.

2. Glyptodon/Armadillo


This ancestor to the armadillo was roughly the size of a Volkswagen Beetle.

3. Paraceratherium/Rhinoceros


Thought to be the largest land mammal ever, Paraceratherium weighed around 12 tons and stood about 16 feet tall.

4. Castoroide/Beaver


These bigger beavers grew to be about 8 feet tall and could weigh over 200 pounds.

5. Haast”s Eagle/Eagle


With a wingspan of around 10 feet and weight of about 30 pounds, these were some BIG birds.

6. Diprotodon/Wombat


At about 6,200 pounds, these Diprotodon weighed around the same as 140 of their modern day relatives.

(via The Dodo)

Wow. The only thing bigger than those megafauna are the changes. I can”t imagine a time when I”d be afraid of a sloth. Well, not one that doesn”t involve me watching “The Goonies,” at least.

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