I’m totally a Costco shopper. I love getting certain things in bulk because it saves me money and then I have a good stock of food in my house. Keep in mind that there are only 2 people in my house (minus the cats) so buying bulk of anything perishable means that we are eating the same thing over and over for 2 weeks straight.

Which brings me to a story…;last month we were at Costco when I realized how cheap the romaine lettuce was compared to the stuff that I had been buying at the grocery store. 7 head of romaine lettuce? I can totally eat that before it goes bad. I basically put any rabbit out there to shame. The end result: I finished off all 7 heads of romaine but now I’m a little tired of salad.

So here’s my solution to a salad sans lettuce: Avocado, Chickpeas and Feta. This is a salad that I created for the Living Litehouse blog. It’s super simple to make and is packed with protein and filling nutrients to get you through the day. And! No lettuce is required.

I’m curious to hear about some of the salads that you make without lettuce. Chime in below!

Get the recipe: Avocado, Chickpea and Feta Salad