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Non-textile exports fall 19pc

ISLAMABAD: Exports of non-textile products dropped 19 per cent to $7.68 billion in the first 11 months (July to May) of the current fiscal year from $9.48bn a year earlier, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics said on Wednesday.

Overall food exports fell 13pc year-on-year during the period. Exports of rice went down by 10pc in value despite a growth of 9pc in terms of quantity. Basmati rice exports dropped 27pc in value and 7pc in quantity. By contrast, other rice varieties witnessed a decline of 3pc in value but their quantity rose 12pc.

Exports of fish and its products edged lower by 6pc in value and 5pc in quantity compared to last year. Sugar exports declined 57pc in terms of quantity and 56pc in value, while that of spices rose 20pc in value and 11pc in quantity.

Fruit exports fell 4pc in value and 3pc in quantity, while that of vegetables decreased 8pc in value and 6pc in quantity.

Exports of meat and its products, however, grew 13pc in value and 5pc in quantity during July-May 2015-16 on the back of government’s initiatives and incentives provided to the livestock sector.

Exports of petroleum and coal groups fell 75pc year-on-year on account of a 100pc decline in petroleum naphtha proceeds. However, the coal group witnessed a growth of 217pc in terms of value.

Petroleum crude also registered a negative growth of 65pc in value and 41pc in quantity during the period under review.

Exports of carpets, rugs and mats dropped both in value (19pc) and quantity (22pc). Proceeds from tanned leather exports fell 26pc in value and 26pc in quantity. On the other hand, exports of surgical goods and medical instruments grew 4pc in value.

Besides, exports of sports goods dropped 4pc in value. However, exports of football inched up 4pc in value and 15pc in quantity.

Footwear exports dropped 18pc, while exports of leather products dropped 10pc during the 11-month period.

Exports of non-traditional items like plastic material and pharmaceutical products declined 29pc and 4pc in value and 27pc and 25pc in quantity. Exports of gems plunged 53pc in value and 38pc in quantity.

Cement exports dropped 27pc in value and 22pc in quantity. Exports of gur and its products dropped 57pc in value and 42pc in quantity. However, exports of jewellery edged up by 17pc in terms of value during the period under review.