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Loyal Goldfish Saves Owner from Burglar

Manchester| Henrietta Wellington, 76 years old bristish widow owes her life to her beloved pet fish Benjamin, as she barely survived a violent armed robbery.

A short time after midnight, Henry James, an escaped convict that had broken out of jail three days earlier, entered by force into the lady’s apartment, rapidly assaulting the still sleepy owner. Her heroic pet saw that the elderly woman’s life was in danger as her aggressor was closing up on her with a knife.

In a desperate effort to save his master’s life, Benjamin achieved to tip his fishbowl over, hitting the functionning toaster in the motion. The result was a gigantic flash of fire and lightning that electrocuted the robber, barely missing the widow.

“He’s my hero!” says Miss Wellington, still shacken by all the emotions, “I love him so much, I think I’ll knit him a tiny sweater to thank him.”