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London: Syrian Migrant Becomes Millionaire with Uber

LONDON | Mohammed Abdul al-Zawahiri, a Syrian migrant that arrived in London barely three months ago, has developed a thriving business as he now controls a fleet of over 25 Uber taxi drivers and earns an impressive 200,000 per month, reports the East London Herald.

The man that was forced to abandon his 4 wives and 11 children as ISIS jihadists had taken by storm his home town of Al Mayadin, says it was more than worth the gamble he told reporters.

Mohammed has decided to share his inspiring story so that other refugees dont lose faith. Ive been forced to leave behind all that I cherished the most in life, but now I have 1,000 times more he admits. If I had stayed in Syria and kept herding sheep, how would I have a ever bought myself a Lamborghini? he asks, visibly satisfied with the unexpected turn of events.


Mohammed has left behind his 4 wives and 11 children to build himself a better life here in Great Britain

Mohammed admits technology has played a big part in his success story.

Without Uber I would still be a poor homeless refugee he acknowledges. Uber is a great way to make money, and my favorite part is that you dont have to pay taxes he adds. I now employ over 20 Uber taxi drivers, all migrants like me. I lend them a car and give them a job and give them 10% of the profits. It may seem like not much, but in their desperate situation, it is a great deal for them he boasts, visibly proud of his accomplishment.

The beginning of a new life

Mohammed believes the United Kingdom is the greatest place on earth to start from scratch.


The prolific entrepreneur has also given a generous 300,000 for the construction of a new mosque in downtown London

Here I can continue to practice my muslim faith without fear of prosecution. I have also donated personally over 300,000 for the construction of a mosque in the center of London. I am also very privileged to have found love once again, and currently have three new wives and one of them is bearing my child he admits, with a tear in his eyes. Allah has been so great to me, I will for ever be his servant he acknowledges with a sense of deep serenity.

Mohammed still thinks of his beloved spouses and children in Syria and says he prays for them every day. I will never forget them, wherever they are, but I have a new life here, new opportunities and challenges and I bless Allah every day for this new life that he has offered me he explains, before heading off into the sunset in his brand new 250,000 Lamborghini.