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Locked Out of Windows? A New Program Can Get You Back In

lockedoutPasswords are meant to protect you and your computer from malicious activities. But as anyone who uses a computer knows, to be safe these passwords have to be nearly impossible to rememberlong strings of numbers, capitalized letters, lowercase letters, and who knows what else. Sometimes you can make your passwords so complex, that you cant even remember what they are.

Not everyone likes to keep a list of all their passwords tacked up to the computer monitor. Thats exactly the kind of thing that computer security experts tell you not to do. It looks like Reset Password Pro has come up with an easy solution to this problem.

Reset Password Pro lets you remove or reset passwords on your Windows device. By burning a boot-disk, your information is locked away within the computer itself. All you have to do to change your access is hit the reset button and youre done. The computer lets you back in, and you can clear away the password you forgot or want to change.

Computer users who need that extra sense of security usually arent going to be happy just with a anti-virus program on their machine. For anyone whos ever had a virus while they were supposedly being protected, anti-virus programs arent enough. They arent always able to keep your computer safe. What if someone got access into your machine? Reset Password Pro gives you the immediate ability to reset all of the passwords that you use on your computer in no time at all. This way, if you feel like someone has accessed your information, you can immediately lock them out.

keep yourself from ever getting locked out of Windows
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Using a program like this is definitely a lot safer and a lot easier than going one by one through all of your accounts and coming up with new security questions and passwords. That can take hours. Remember when the Heartbleed vulnerability was discovered and you had to spend an entire day making sure that your computer was safe? How much easier would it have been to just hit a button and to know that everything was okay?

The downside is that this software is only for Windows computers so far. That means that it will work for your passwords on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8, but not with Linux or any of Apples operating systems. That wont be a problem for most people, but it is something to keep in mind. Also, so far the program is just limited to your Windows passwords, and cant help you with any problem that you run into with your online accounts. That may change in the future though.

Find out what to do when you blank on what to put in the blank your computer password. If you want to keep yourself from ever getting locked out of Windows again, get Reset Password Pro.