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League of Normal People of America complains about American Airlines’ new “Inclusive plane”

The company’s new plane design conceived to offer room to all possible “minorities”, sparks controversy as wave of complaint falls upon the company’s Customer service division.

“It’s like Noah’s Ark in there! They made room form the morbidely obese, the dwarves, the tranvestites, the peg-legged and the one-eyed, even for paraplegics, people with bad teeth and “elephant man” passengers. That leaves only four seats out of 358 for normal people!” complains Norman Walterbury, president of the LNPA.

The company’s public relation director, Mira Taratenko, explains that the company is trying to review it’s marketing approach to increase it’s custumer satisfaction, but they might have made mistakes along the way. “We had many passengers complaining in the past that the service was not personnalised enough but I think everybody at American Airlines now realises we may have gone a bit too far and we’ll try to make some corrections” she tells our journalist.