Smartphones are becoming a necessity and as you might have noticed, the size keeps getting bigger and bigger, soon it might reach a level where you wont be able to carry your phone in your pocket comfortably. Can folding devices be the solution? You must have seen similar concepts by Samsung and other companies, but what separates Kyoceras device is the impressive gadget itself and what it is capable of doing. Kyocera has recently showed off their EOS Concept phone at CTIA and the concept is more than just wonderful.

Kyocera 4

The prototype handset that was exhibited is capable of being folded up in the shape of a wallet and can be folded out into two configurations; one being the QWERTY keyboard mode while the other being an OLED display that is full-on widescreen.


This isnt where Kyocera plans to stop; they have plans to come up with keys that have shape memory so that they can be transformed into a flat surface when not in use. To bring them back into shape, a kinetic charging method can be employed based on piezoelectric generators.

Kyocera 3According to press release by Kyocera, the company has plans of incorporating these conceptual ideas into their future family of gadgets and we cant just wait to get our hands on those amazing devices. We really do hope they are capable of executing it flawlessly and bring about another era of change and ease in the smartphone industry.