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Items In Your Home That Serve A Double Purpose

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What do Darkwing Duck, Superman, Batman, Sailor Moon, and the Power Rangers all have in common? They all have secret identities (some better kept than others) and lead double lives. You know what else has been living a double life? Paper clips, newspapers, rubberbands, shower rings, and so much more. This roundup from Viralnova has new uses for 40 very common household things.

Fabulous! I am always looking for ways to make life easier and theses would certainly help with that! Number 11 is my fav. Ive tried number 20 before and I dont think it worked but maybe I didnt do it right. I wouldnt recommend number 29. I dont think cooking spray is meant to go on door hinges. Lol. There are some good ideas there. Do you have a favorite or a fail to share? Cant wait to hear it! If you wanna go really deep into re-purposing, here are 100 more ways you can repurpose other items around your home.

Heres the link to all 40 ideas…

ViralNova: 40 Household Items Leading Secret Double Lives

ViralNova: 40 Household Items Leading Secret Double Lives