So I know I said yesterday that this would only be a two part post but I’ve decided to extend it to three days. There are just too many wonderful things to share to fit into only two days. I also lied about being done with Florence yesterday. I wanted to share just a couple of photos from the Central Market so that you could get a better idea of just how amazing it is! I love running through all of these photos because it helps me relive my vacation. The smells, the colors, everything just looked so beautiful within this market. The only thing I would leave at the market would be the extra cow parts that they sell in plain view. I won’t even get into that.

Italian Meats




From Florence we rented a cute little Fiat 500 and traveled North to the riviera. We made two stops along the way: Pisa and Lucca. Basically with Pisa we parked, we walked to the leaning tower, we left. I managed to get the infamous ‘holding up the leaning tower’ photo. Enjoy.

Leaning tower of Pisa

From here we traveled a short distance to Lucca. Lucca is a very tiny little city surrounded by a really thick brick wall. Inside of the walls is a very traditional Italian culture that has been untouched by modern marvels. We had a short amount of time to spend in Lucca but just enough to meet a cat and enjoy some gelato with a pigeon.



Piazza Anfiteatro



Tomorrow I’ll be wrapping up my Italian vacation. If only tomorrow I was leaving for another vacation!