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Is It True What the Moles on Your Face Say About Your Life And Future?

The Chinese Almanac, or the Tung Shu, consists of information linked to astrology, symbols and codes, originating from the wise sages and philosophers of ancient China. We have written about the secrets of this almanac, connected to the moles on your face. The position of the mole on your face says something about you and your future.Is It True What the Moles on Your Face Say About Your Life And Future

Position 1 to 3

Your spirit is free. You are a real rebel. You dont want to be told how to work; you just like to do it freely. If you have mole on these areas, then you are creative, you like being your own boss and you dont like working for someone else. Being your own boss makes you happy the most.

Position 4

If you have a mole on this part of your face, you are impulsive, charming and sparkling. You are good with arguments, but not to the point of being angry to somebody. Your explosive and fierce temper is coming from this mole, and if you remove it, you will become calmer and more tranquil.

Position 5

This is the mole above the eyebrow that means that you can achieve much wealth in life; you just might work harder for it than others do. When you do manage to have a greater treasure, you need to keep it from the envious people. Dont trust people who want to trick you into some risky businesses that promise much money in less time. Generally, dont trust people. Take the control of your businesses in your own hands.

Position 6

This mole represents whit, creativity and artistic skills. You can even make a fortune and become famous if you use your artistic skills. You just need to be brave and take risks and success will follow.

Position 7

These moles that are positioned under the brows represent family arguments that make you unhappy and miserable. These feeling are transferred into the work you do, as well as into life in general. Find a solution and face the issues you have with your relatives and you can achieve the peace you seek for.

Position 8

Having a mole on this position means you spend a lot. That is what causes you the financial problems you cant get rid of. You are a potential gambler. If you have started or start gambling, you need to be in control and know when to stop. Also, the person having a mole on this position is flirty, and with both sexes.

Position 9

Having a mole on this area means you have sexual and other problems. It brings bad luck, so it would be the best for you to remove it. Woes and troubles are just some of the consequences of having this mole.

Position 10

A mole under the nose implies a great descendant luck. You are a family person and you will have many children and grandchildren. The material and emotional satisfaction come from your family and their love and support.

Position 11

A mole at this place might mean that you are predestined to die from an illness. It would be better if you remove it, especially if it has dark color and if it is big sized. If you dont remove it at least try to cover it by using a lot of foundation.

Position 12

Your life is a success and you have achieved some balance in it. You have great chances of being famous and loaded. You have a good predisposition to have a great home and loving family. Women with this mole are especially lucky, fascinating and good-looking.

Position 13

You will be a victim of our childrens deeds. Even though you dont have good communication with them, at least be more tolerant.

Position 14

This mole indicates food issues in your life, which can lead to more serious problems in life. You either overeat, or you are allergic to some types of foods.

Position 15

You are always on the run and you often redecorate and redesign your home. You are willing to discover new places, meet new people, you are an adventurous person. If you stay at one place for too long, you can become unhappy. Traveling is what makes you happy and alive.

Position 16

The two main problems of people having a mole on this position are the sex life and the food. You cant resist food so you might have weight issues, which can further lead to depression. You like being in love and relationship, but often with more than one person. You are a moral person, so this type of life wont make you happy, but will only bring stress.

Position 17

These people are outdoor people, talkative and sociable. However, not many people like them because they talk too much about themselves and their successes. This is bad from another point of view; it is bad to base your own self-confidence on other peoples opinions.

Position 18

Your character is wild and you like traveling and seeing places. But, the mole in this position says that you should not follow your instincts when it comes to traveling and you should stay where you are.

Position 19

These people are usually wealthy people. They also have many friends. Everything so far is great, but they do have a flaw theyre too weak when it comes to the opposite sex and fall for them very easily.

Position 20

If you have a mole at this part of your face, youre either very lucky or very unlucky. You can be either famous or infamous. You are a truly talented person, as well as intelligent, but your skills can be used for either good or bad things in life. You are the type of a person that doesnt forget and forgive.

Position 21

Having a mole here is a sign of great luck, and great treasure. You will always have what to eat and drink. You will be also respected by others.

Position 22

Your life doesnt involve turbulences and you are generally happy. If you are into sports, you can become very famous and popular sports-person. Moles at the ends of the eyebrows represent power, so if you become a CEO of some company, youll be great in your job.

Position 23

Your intelligence is high, and you are also street smart, not just a book-worm. Your instincts for surviving are very strong, so this is maybe one of the reasons for your longevity. Even as an old person, youll remain active and youll be surrounded by your loving ones.

Position 24

You are going to achieve popularity and wealth at an early age. Be wise and save your resources for the old days, because this mole implies that your old age is going to be harder and tougher.

Position 25

People that have a mole at this position will be acknowledged in society and respected and recognized. Just stay moderate and traditional. This will make your life productive and long.

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