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Atherosclerosis is definitely one of the most serious health issues people can deal with. This is a condition that occurs when the arteries are obstructed by a buildup of fats in their internal walls. Many people know this condition as clogged arteries, which is a consequence of the problem that causes the condition in the first place.

This condition also impacts the blood flow of the body.

This issue can become even worse and contribute to a cardiac arrest, brain hemorrhages, or even death. The condition can also become worse as a result of some bad habits or other conditions, including smoking, little physical activity, consumption of great amounts of fat, diabetes 1 or 2, overweight, hypertension, or cholesterol.

Besides the abovementioned conditions, inflammation provoked by arthritis, lupus, or infections, can also contribute to worsening the atherosclerosis.

Clogged arteries are successfully treated by numerous medicines and surgeries, however, these treatment methods have side effects, which is bad. So, as a result, the end of these treatments often brings some negative consequences, like, for instance, when the person is feeling even more sick and weak, and when they are unable to achieve a full recovery.

This is why we will present you a recipe of a natural remedy that will help you cleanse the clogged arteries very quickly. This remedy is very old one and it provides amazing results. The list of its benefits includes cleansing the arteries, regulation of the lipids in the body, boosting the immunity, and fighting infections. The best thing about it is that is makes our immune system stronger and cleanses the liver in a very short time.


– 1l of water

– 2 tbsp of grated ginger

– 4 tbsp of green tea

– 2 tbsp of honey

– 1 cup of raisins


Pour the water in a pot and place the pot on low heat. Let the water come to a boil, and ten minutes later, turn the heat down and add the ginger, the tea, and the honey. Stir well, making sure that all ingredients are well mixed.

Then, cover the pot, and take a woolen cloth, wrapping it around the pot. Leave the pot in this condition for eight hours. Once these eight hours pass, the drink is ready for consumption.


This remedy should be taken twice a day, on an empty stomach, before meals. You are recommended to consume this remedy in doses of about 150 to 200. The benefits of this remedy are mostly due to the presence of raisins, which contain soluble and insoluble fiber. Raisins are also rich in antioxidants and potassium, ingredients that are amazingly beneficial for the cardiac health. The fibers are also beneficial when it comes to expelling the bile from the body and regulating the levels of cholesterol in the body, but most of all, they help us treat the condition of clogged arteries.

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