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How To Modernize Your Garden With Bamboo


Bamboo is surprisingly easy to grow and it can tolerate a wide range of climates. Its sturdy green trunks and leaves are great for creating screens or divisions in your yard. You can also enjoy its beauty inside your house in pots.

Kathy Woodard at gives a short tutorial on two kinds of bamboo, “running,” and a “clumping” type best grown in containers. She explains how to fertilize and water them, and what kind of soil is best. If you need to restrain the running bamboo from taking over the neighborhood, she describes the best technique for that. Of course, growing either type in pots will make for the least amount of work. Finally, you’ll also find out when and how much to prune the bamboo so it always looks immaculate. Discover how to modernize your garden with bamboo when you click the link below.