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How to Make these Beautifully Decorative DIY Fall Leaf Bowls

You can learn how to create beautiful autumn decorations with these adorable DIY autumn leaf bowls. With just a few basic supplies, you can add these bowls to your autumn decor.

How to Make these Beautifully Decorative DIY Fall Leaf Bowls

What a fun and easy project! We found this over at that we found at hellolucky . The bowls take very little time to create and you can make them in so many different sizes and styles.

Theres a full video tutorial that shows you exactly what to do, from choosing your supplies to making the bowl in any size you need. With some Mod Podge, an autumn leaf garland, and a balloon, you can create these gorgeous bowls in any size. Just blow up the balloon in the size that you want, and begin spreading Mod Podge. As you work, apply leaves from the garland (youll have taken the garland apart beforehand), and layer them on to make the bowl as thick as you like. This is such an easy project and one with so many possibilities.

Video Tutorial:

Imagine the decorating you could do if you fill one of these bowls with our Maple Leaf Roses that we show you how to create at Also check out our 15 Fabulous Fall Leaf Crafts at

Video tutorial by ChristyTV300.