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How to Easily Enchant Any Room with These Magical DIY Fairy Lanterns

How to Easily Enchant Any Room with These Magical DIY Fairy Lanterns {Easy Tutorial}

My daughter’s birthday is right around the corner. While I have bought her some cool stuff, I always like to give her a handmade gift every year as something extra special. She is really into fairies and unicorns and other fancy stuff this year, so I wanted to make her something which would fit with that theme.

I wish I could do something like totally redesign her bedroom as in this awesome project, but that is a little beyond my capabilities. I thought making a creative light like this might also be fun, but I wanted something more fantasy-ish.

Then I discovered this amazing video which teaches you how to make a DIY fairy lantern!

Video tutorial:

Seriously, aren’t those unbelievably stunning?

Here is the full list of supplies:

• Gypsy Soul Garden Fairy cutouts

• Twine

• White school glue

• Quality white glue

• Clear glitter

• Glass jars

• Tissue paper

• Floral embellishments

• Battery powered tealights or led string lights

There are a number of steps involved in this project, so you will probably need to watch the video a couple of times. There is also some additional useful information which you can find on the creator’s blog post here. None of the steps look all that challenging however, so I’m really looking forward to trying this out. It looks surprisingly easy, and if my results are even half as amazing, I know that my daughter will be thrilled.