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How 2 tablespoons of this SUPERFOOD daily melts away BELLY FAT

Most of the people are concerned about their stomach when they try to lose weight or get in shape. They are always trying to find way to reduce the abdominal fat of an easiest and fastest way. But only way to lose extra fat around your belly and to keep it in shape is to lead healthy life. This doesnt mean that you have to keep extreme diets or to eat boring food. We will say that you may lose your belly fat with just two tablespoons of well-known superfood per day.

Coconut oil is reducing belly fat effectively. The Journal of Lipids wrote a study in 2009 that they tested the effects of two tablespoons of soybean or coconut oil between 40 women. The results were surpassing with just four weeks.How 2 tablespoons of this SUPERFOOD daily melts away BELLY FAT

Woman that took coconut oil decreased the abdominal fat, while the other woman that took soybean oil had a slight growth of abdominal fat

The group who had coconut oil also had improvement in HDL cholesterol, as opposite to the group who had soybean oil. They had decreased HDL cholesterol level.

There was another study written in Journal of Nutrition where there were investigating some studies related to MCFAs (medium chain fatty acids) found in coconut fat. The results showed that diet full with these fats like coconut oil can improve your metabolism, decrease the hunger and rise your body energy. People who lead the study advised that these fats have to be taken if you want to reduce your abdominal fat and recover your healthier general weight.

The MCFAs are metabolized on a different way than the other extended chained fats. The digestive track send these fats to the liver and there they can be changed into ketones or can be used as energy. MCFAs are used by people who suffer from epilepsy and had ketogenic diet. They have to increase the sum of ketones and to make more space for carbohydrates in their diet.

More benefits of coconut oil…

Coconut oil has to offer great benefits apart from attacking your belly fat

  • It can increase the metabolism and burns fat
  • Reduce the appetite, and make you to eat less
  • Specifically it is helps in losing belly fat
  • It is great for your heart
  • It is anti-diabetes agent
  • Has lauric acid that kills bacteria

It is well-known that people who take coconut oil are between the healthiest people in the world. Great example are the Tokelauans, which live in the South Pacific. They are between the biggest fat eaters in the world with almost 60 percent of their main diet coming from coconuts, but still they are in great health with almost no heart disease.

Blast your belly fat

You can use coconut oil in many ways, and if you want to get two tablespoons daily cook with it. You can spread it on toast or pancakes or just used it to saute fish of veggies. Coconut oil can be good substitute for baking. Because of this you can use it in muffins, cookies or in some other baking good that are great for your diet. Also coconut oil can be user from people who had diabetics and it is great addition in your protein shakes. Coconut oil is very useful and it is perfect fat burning friend.

But coconut oils cannot do magic with your belly fat. But if its incorporated into your healthy diet in can for sure make a huge difference. Make sure you take two tablespoons daily and enjoy the great health welfares that this superfood has to give.

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