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Herpes: 3 Advices For Preventing Unpleasant Warts On The Lips

Do you have problems with herpes on the lips during winter?

Its a question of disease caused by virus against which there isnt any reliable cure, but can be prevented or controlled attending some advices for healthy diet and lifestyle. Here are some advices you should follow to prevent the unpleasant virus-caused warts:

The virus simplex type 1 usually is related to infections of the lips, mouth and face, causing the oral herpes disease. This type of herpes can be transferred by kissing, consuming food or drink from infected plate or glass, or standing next to an infected person that coughs or sneezes, unlike genital herpes that is caused by the type 2 virus and is transferred sexually.61021061-herpes-oralni-herpes-usna-zena

If you have virus in your body, doesnt always mean it will manifest on the skin. According to statistics people until the age of 20 are most infected, but the virus stays in the body after initial infection. At 20 to 40 percent of the people infected, the virus will reactivate in form of warts on the lips and face, mostly to those with weaken immunity, hormonal unbalance or extreme emotional stress.

This virus is incurable, though some people use aloe vera or sodium bicarbonate to cure oral herpes.

You can disinfect the sores and stop their expanding; for example: cut garlic clove in half and use it to cover the sore area. Allow it to work one minute and repeat it several times a day,

Strong immunity will decrease the infection symptoms and prevent the sores from reappearing.

3 advices for increasing immunity

  1. Consuming fresh fruit and vegetable juice rich with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals will make entire organism better .Avoid eating industrially processed food, refined sugar, large quantities of salt and alcohol, consume more season vegetables and minerals with nutrients.
  2. You should consider exercise during winter. If the cold weather doesnt let you enjoy your favorite outdoor sports activities, just by going to walks (three or four times at day, half an hour each) and giving your body enogh sleep you will make your organism stronger.
  3. You should avoid stress as much as you can- have some part of the day devoted to yourself that you will spend doing your favorite relaxation activity like meditation or reading. Natural immunity boosters like Echinacea drops, grape seeds or propolis can be a great help.

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