Ive really been trying to cut down on my office snacking. More like Ive been trying to cut down on my unhealthy office snacking. There is just something about a giant cookie in the afternoon with a cup of coffee that really makes the afternoon fly by. I stumbled upon this great feature on the Cooking Light website offering a nice variety of healthy office snacks.

Lets start with my favorite: Nuts. Im a huge fan of almonds and they make them in great 100 calorie packs now. Almonds are high in vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, and potassium and are rich in protein and fiber. They also make for a great energy booster before my post-work workout.

Heres another favorite of mine: Hummus. Im big on veggies and hummus or you can find mini pitas that work great as well. Hummus is a great source of fiber which helps make you feel full longer.

Fruit is another great snack. I like to switch it up between blueberries and bananas. The best part about eating fruit is the natural sugar. It makes me feel like Im eating a sweet treat without all of the fat and calories.

Snack bars are another slightly sweeter way to fulfill your afternoon. One of my favorites is LaraBar. These offer no added sugars, are packed with protein and fiber and are great at kicking the sweet tooth.

What are you snacking on at work?