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He Placed A Wine Glass Over A Candle – What Happened Is Clearly Some Kind Of Magic

“I bet you can”t make wine magically levitate into a glass.”

Seems like a weird bet, right? WRONG!

It”s actually perfectly sound, if you think about it…and master this amazing party trick. The video below shows you just how to make wine magically go into an upside-down glass. All you need is the help of science and a natural vacuum. If you go to a bar and perform this, someone is bound to pick up your next round!

(source Howcast)

After performing this trick, your friends will probably think you have magic powers. If that”s the case, put on your science goggles and simply explain to them how it works: The heat of the flame imparts energy to the gas trapped under the glass. This raises the pressure and pushes against the wine. The air cools as the flame is extinguished. Due to this, less pressure is exerted against the wine, allowing it to flow into the glass.

See? It”s simple! Or you could just go through life with your friends thinking that you”re some sort of wizard. That works, too.