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Get To Sleep And Improve Brain Function In Minutes With This Nose Breathing Trick

The eyes are windows to the soul, but the nose is directly associated with the brain and nerve system. Exercising yoga is helping you to control the breading in different ways. The body is happy when you do correct breathing methods.1

There is a method called Alternate Nostril Breathing (ANB). It is a therapy that calms and helps you to be cool, calm, relax and release the stress of the mind and nervous system. Only a couple minutes of this method can do miracles.

What Is Alternate Nostril Breathing?

As it proposes, Alternate Nostril Breathing is making sure we are using both nostrils to breathe inhale from one side, and exhale from the other. When we breathe, we use only one nostril. This is happening naturally, and thats why we have to use ANB to equalize our breathing.

Step 1: Use the left thumb to secure your left nostril.

Step 2: Breathe in gently through right nostril.

Step 3: Make a pause for one second.

Step 4: Then secure your right nostril with the ring finger and free the thumb from the left nostril.

Step 5: Breathe out through your left nostril.

Step 6: Continue with step 1 but not start with breath in through left nostril.

With these steps you have one round. You can continuously increase the rounds starting from 1 or 2. After you have finished, be quiet and sit still for a couple of moment.

Warning: Dont hold breathe if you suffer from high blood pressure. You can do pauses with deep breathing.

The left brain is lined to thinking, and right brain to feeling. You are activating you entire brain when breathing from both nostrils. How is this helping you?

Follow Your Nose to Better Health

  1. Get Revitalized

This ANB is providing your body with some doses of extra energy. This is helping you to feel more energized and upright.

  1. Improve Brain Function

ANB conveys equivalent measures of oxygen to both sides of the brain to enhance focus and clarity. The first thing that dehydrates is your brain, so take some water, and practice ANB to improve the power of the brain.

  1. Cleanse Your Lungs

With doing ANB in the morning and at night you are cleaning the lungs. It is reducing body waste and removing the stale air.

  1. Calm A Worried Mind

Focusing on breathing is helping you to focus on your worries. Just a couple minutes of ANB protects your brain from overthinking. The antique yoga teachers accept the fact that if you control the breathing, youll control the mind.

  1. Merge Your Thinking

ANB adjust the whole brain, left and right. When you inhale with your left nostril, youre satisfying the right, inventive, brain. When you inhale through your right nostril, youre satisfying the left, intelligent, brain.

This method helps the both sides of the brain to work together.

  1. Calm Your Emotions

You will have more stable thoughts and peaceful emotions with using Alternate Nostril Breathing. Because your brain is healthy and rest, you will have more attention, and be calmer.

  1. Soothe Your System

Extended and focused breathing makes an impression on your parasympathetic nerve system to change from tensed to easing. Also, when you close your right nostril you coordinate oxygen and vitality on your right side of the brain, which improves the parasympathetic reaction.

  1. Regulate Your Temperature

The right nostril has more manly qualities: warmed and focused it is dynamic and controls power .The left nostril has womanly potentials: satisfying and smoothing it is receptive and chilling. Alternate Nostril Breathing has influence on the heat of your body as well.

  1. Clear and Boost Energy

Your body energy can be improved and directed by ANB .It can oxygenates your blood, permitting your vitality to run solid.

Start with Alternate Nostril Breathing now to free your body of negative attitudes and energies. Whats more, youll be breathing relaxed instantly.