Hey foodies! While you’re reading this post over your morning cup of coffee, I am super excited to be headed off to my favorite city: New York! I cannot wait to spend the day in my exploring the boroughs and then catch a plane to Nice, France tonight. I’m going to be staying in the small town of Villefrance-sur-Mer and traveling between all of the cute coastal towns of the Riviera…;.including Monaco! This trip has two purposes: 1) to celebrate my 1 year anniversary with my hubby!! and 2) to bring you all of the juicy details upon my return in case you want to plan your own visit to The French Riviera! This is my second visit to this area and trust me, you’ll want to plan your own vacation.

So why am I telling you this? Well, because I just wanted to say that it’s going to be a little quiet over here for the next week. I plan to fully enjoy my time off with a much needed break BUT also to work on an awesome travel guide for you. AND to let you know that you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram while I’m gone because I know that I’ll be posting photos from my trip.

See you soon!