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Feds to Criminally Charge San Bernardino Shooters Ex-Neighbor Enrique Marquez in Connection to Terror Attack

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Thursday, federal prosecutors announced their plans to criminally charge the former neighbor of the San Bernardino shooters, Enrique Marquez, for his part in the deadly massacre at Christmas party that left 14 dead and 22 seriously injured.

As we have previously reported, Marquez played a major role in the act of Jihad against American citizens by conducting straw man firearms purchases for two of the rifles used during the attack. Roughly 3 years before the attack, Marquez illegally purchased the rifles under his name with the intent to give them to Farook, due to the fact Farook was concerned he would be unable to pass the required background checks.

This critical case detail blows a massive hole in the narrative that more stringent gun legislation would have been able to prevent such a horrific event from happening in the first place and additionally serves as further proof that gun control does not prevent the criminally minded from acquiring firearms.

According to NBC News, federal prosecutors have stated that the first set of charges to be brought up against Marquez will address the issue of the rifle purchases and that those charges may be announced as early as later Thursday.


Investigators have said Marquez bought the two assault rifles three years ago that wound up being used in the shooting.

Officials say Marquez has told them he did it as a favor, so that Farook would not have to go through a background check or be on record as the purchaser.

Authorities say Marquez has told the FBI that he and Farook talked about conducting some kind of attack in 2010 but called it off after unrelated terrorism arrests in southern California.

On Wednesday, FBI Director James Comey said agents have found no connection between Farook and the people arrested back then.

He also said despite some reports to the contrary that investigators have found NO social media postings by Tashfeen Malik in the months before she came to the US.

That means the State Department and Homeland Security officials who reviewed her background before giving her a fiancee visa did not miss any publicly available social media postings. All her statements in support of jihad, Comey says, were in private messages or e-mails.

We will continue to update as new details surface.

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