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Fake rice is everywhere!!! Find out how to recognize real from fake rice

Can you believe that there is a thing like fake rice? As much as it sounds shocking, it is true. Asian researchers have reported that there was a massive production of fake rice. The news presented all aspects of this study, but people just could not believe in that information. This is why we suggest that you always take a good look at what you buy.

Fake rice first appeared in China, then in Vietnam and India. As you probably have already noticed, the rice is the main meal in all of these countries. The fake rice then was found in Indonesia and Europe. Fake rice is still not present in the USA. According to some consumers, the presence of the fake rice has become noticeable. Fake rice looks almost the same as real rice, and you probably won’t be able to make a difference between these two types of rice. Nevertheless, you will certainly be able to notice the stomach problems the fake rice causes after consumption.

As we already mentioned, the consumption of this fake rice can cause some serious digestive problems, so everyone should protect themselves from it. One of the solutions to this problem is not eating rice every day. According to some reports, this fake rice is made partly from potatoes and the rest of it from synthetic. Other reports claim that it contains other chemicals as well. The fake rice is present in the stores on the market due to the fact that it is hard to be recognized.

The large markets in Malaysia have pretty serious and rigorous control of the products, meaning that the fake rice is nearly impossible to be found there. However, the small markets do not undergo this type of control.

Normally, people have begun wondering how they can make the difference between real and fake rice.

It is a bad thing that the difference between these two types of rice cannot be made, so the safest thing you can do is choosing not to eat it. You can find some hints while boiling the rice. Look at the rice while boiling it and see if it alters its form or not. If the rice is fake, you won’t be able to notice any alterations, which is not the case with real rice. You can also take a little bit of the rice and smell it. If it smell like plastic, it is clear that it is fake rice.

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