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DIY Hack 200$ Mont Blanc Pen From a 3$ Pen + Mont Blanc Refill


Everyone has their own preference when it comes to pens. If your preference happens to be a Mont Blanc, you have fairly expensive tastes and if you are not savvy to shelling out $200 to buy one of these very expensive writing tools, you may be interested in knowing how you can actually get the benefits of a Mont Blanc without writing that super expensive check.

You just have to have a standard G2 Pro Pen that you can pick up for around $3 and then buy Mont Blanc refills which run around $10 to $12 depending on where you get them. You have to trim the plastic part of the refill cartridge so that it will fit into the G2 shell but this is not difficult. Just make sure that you dont trim too much.

There you have it A great pen that fully resembles a Mont Blanc with all the great writing benefits but without the great expense. Idea from lifehacker.