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Discover Vitamin Deficiency Using Hidden Indicators On The Nails, Skin, Tongue…

Todays lifestyle is characterized by a constant hurry, a lot of obligations and little use of healthy food which can lead to vitamin deficiencies and a number of necessary nutrients for normal functioning of the human organism. Also, people that consume healthy foods can have a lack of vitamins and minerals because of squeamishness, because usually the healthiest foods do not always taste good. In this article we will help you detect deficiencies of nutrients in an unusual way. Looking at your hands, nails, skin, mouth, eyes, tongue, face, and throat can help you detect the presence of some disease and notice that you have a lack of vitamins or nutrients.

Hands and nails

  • Cold hands indicate magnesium deficiency, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue,
  • White spots on nails: a deficit of minerals, but often low zinc
  • Bumps on nails: zinc deficiency
  • Soft and brittle nails: magnesium deficiencyDiscover Vitamin Deficiency Using Hidden Indicators On The Nails, Skin, Tongue...


  • Stretch marks: zinc deficiency
  • Follicular keratosis: vitamin A
  • Spontaneous bleeding: a lack of vitamin C or K, and platelets
  • Dry skin, flaking and ingrown hair: a lack of vitamin C.
  • Yellow palms: excessive intake of beta carotene
  • Rough skin on the forearm: a lack of essential fatty acids


  • Bled and shaggy tongue iron deficiency
  • A painful inflammation of the tongue: a lack of vitamin B3
  • Chapped lips, tongue and mouth pain: lack of vitamin B2
  • Smooth tongue: a lack of folic acid


  • Oily, red skin on the face and on the side of the nose: a deficit of vitamin B2
  • Seborrheic dermatitis around the nose, acne and rashes on the forehead: a lack of vitamin B6


  • Cataract: the lack of chromium or excess free radicals.
  • The bags and dark circles under the eyes: allergies or food intolerance.


  • A swollen thyroid gland: iodine deficiency or hypothyroidism