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Claims Resurface That Muslims Founded America; Epic Tea Party Meltdown Ensues

In whats sure to send Tea Party members into one of the most epic meltdowns in modern history, Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey, has brought claims that Muslims founded America back to the forefront of international news. While the evidence of such a claim is spotty at best, it will undoubtedly cause the extreme right to throw a hissy fit thats not to be missed.

Muslims discover America before Columbus

Its important to be very clear at this point: theres really no archaeological evidence to support the idea that Muslims made their way to the Americas before Christopher Columbus. You would think, though, that the Tea Party might welcome this interpretation. After all, theyd probably be ecstatic to blame the genocide of Native Americas on Islamic individuals.

The claim made by Turkeys president, though, is not a new one. Certain individuals have been claiming for decades that Muslims found their way to America in 1178, long before Christopher Columbus graced its shores. The claims stem from a misinterpreted entry in the journal of Christopher Columbus and one Harvard professors claim that certain New World engravings resemble Islamic inscriptions.

Erdogan continued with his claim by mentioning the misinterpreted Columbus journal entry, which references a mosque on a hill in Cuba, and suggesting that a new mosque be built upon the mountain. In reality, the entry basically just says that the hilltop resembled a mosque.

Once again, though, history would suggest that Tea Party activists should be all over this story as fact. After all, the overwhelming majority of scholars and experts in the field agree that the theory is bogus, so youd think that ultra Conservatives would immediately proclaim its veracity. Ah, cest la vie.

The Beginning of a Tea Party Meltdown

You could easily expect the Tea Party to flip out over this claim. After all, Muslims cant even gather at the National Cathedral to promote religious unity and an end to extremist violence without certain accepting Christians crashing the event and claiming that we did Muslims a favor by allowing them to build mosques in America.

Of course, the beginning of this epic meltdown can already be found online. When the Tea Party News Network, which I guess is something like the Adolf Hitler Ethnic Acceptance Network (nonexistent), reported that the Turkish president made these claims, the comments on the story of course took on an immediate bigoted and ignorant tone.

Comments from Tea Party News Network

Screen shot of comments at Tea Party News Network. Image: TPNN

My absolute favorite is Michele Grzywaczs comment: Strategy employed by our very own muslim-in-chief: say it often enough and lots of people will believe you! I enjoyed this comment not only because its one of those rare Tea Party posts with decent grammar (Kudos!), but its also great because it takes the misinformation tactic of the Tea Party and Fox News and applies it to our president. Oh, and you cant forget to call President Obama a Muslim whenever the chance arises!

Well, Hes Got a Point

In closing, we should look at one of the Turkish presidents final statements. While he completely ignored history as it relates to the conquests of Islam after Muhammads death, he does make a partially-accurate point:

Converting people by force, by the sword, has never been a part of Islam. Our religion has never been a tool of exploitation[.] [European Christians] colonized America for its gold and Africa for its diamonds, now do it in the Middle East for its oil with the same dirty plot.

All right, well its not surprising that he overlooked some key pieces of information, but hes sort of right about the whole us colonizing places to take their stuff. That should put a stick in the craw of conservatives everywhere too.

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    • John Q Public

      If Columbus discovered America, then I discovered Chicago when I visited there last summer.

      I dont believe that the original founders, those native to this land, were christian.

      • AuntySocial

        But Columbus never visited America. The closest he came was the Caribbean. The Vikings were the first Europeans to set foot on America.

        • BlooSoxx

          Youre defining America as North America, specifically the USA. The islands in the Caribbean are considered part of the Americas.

          • AuntySocial

            He never set foot on the mainland. He never even saw it. He only saw a few islands. The Vikings did land on the mainland. They left proof of their presence. They did so years before Cristoforo Colombo was even an itch in his daddys pants.

            • Rhonda Warmack Houston

              AuntySocial, How do you know this; were you there?

            • Robyn Ryan

              did they steal your education? Go read about it for yourself.

            • Cassy_Again

              LAnse aux Meadows in Newfoundland is a Norse settlement dated from between 990 and 1050 CE.

            • Shinjo Dun

              Its a matter of recorded and proven history. Theres not a lot of argument that Columbus never saw the mainland or that Vikings, under Leif Erikson, were here around 1000 CE.

              Just because you werent there when something happened doesnt change that it did or didnt happen.

            • Robert Eckert

              Columbus did set foot on the mainland, and in fact died there, but that was on his fourth voyage.

        • Patrick James Bayham

          Vikings are Scandinavian not European.

          • Glenn

            Since when was Scandinavia not in Europe?

            • Patrick James Bayham

              Really? Eurovision song doesnt count..:)

            • Patrick James Bayham

              since ..ever!!! ask any scandinavian …there are also five other people who think like you….thats pretty sad.

            • Curtis Fease

              Maybe Im missing something… what continent is Scandinavia a part of? Im fairly certain its Europe… so how would Scandinavia not be European?

            • Patrick James Bayham

              with that logic so is russia and china….and The usa is canada

            • PhyllisO

              Hmm… Half of Russia is part of the European continent. Its Western Russia. The other half is in the Asian continent. And in fact both of them together are considered a Supercontinent.

            • Patrick James Bayham

              at least some people question, and then correct. good stuff.

        • sandman_365

          Oh dont tell them that, itll make their heads explode

      • Rhonda Warmack Houston

        John Q Public, Those who came to the colonies and who wrote our papers such as the Constitution DID NOT BELIEVE IN GOD and of course, that is never taught that way….the reason people came to the colonies was to get away from those who ruled who impressed their religion on them, which is why the phrase of Separation of Church and State. So, your belief is correct…I am a navy veteran and when one serves, ALL ones rights are given up, so when I gave mine up, I know what I gave up to serve…the Republican administration now in control have taken away my rights and I am furious. So, Sir, you are right on the mark.

        • John Q Public

          Thank you for your service. I can only envy, and thank, those that have served. It was my dream to make a career out of the service until an injury I received in high school caused every branch of the military to turn me down.

          As of now, I am totally disabled and now worried about what this newly elected congress will do to the very things that I rely on to live. These people are not the christians they claim to be, but everything Jesus stood against.

        • Kenneth Browning

          As an atheist who is sternly against the Christian Nation myth, its also false thet they didnt believe in a god. They were protestants, deist, quakers etc. Some didnt think highly of organized religion though, such as Jefferson.

    • Bee QU

      American history book taught in school wont tell you the truth. Some college courses and extensive research will reveal that Africans occupied America long before Columbus came to America. The true history was purposely hidden from African Americans to keep them broken. In order to know who people of color really are you must learn the truth. Learn the truth: Books videos, scholars, college courses, museums provide a host of information that will give you a true understanding of why hate and racism rules America amongst many other nations. Hidden colors 1,2,3 Documentary give a great look at the African history. When the say Muslims discovered America could they be referring to the Moors who wore turbines. Historical lies have no place in this world. The truth shall be heard. Please let me know if you need the link.

      • arleeda

        Africans have accomplished many great things, but discovering America wasnt one of them. There is no indication that Africans had boats capable of getting across the Atlantic.

        • Rhonda Warmack Houston

          Many Africans were brought to the colonies as early as 1619 when the colonist began to see indentured servants as too costly, and in 1619, Dutch traders brought the first African slaves to Jamestown. The non-white man was in slavery early on and it was only until after 1865, that he/she was allowed to use his brain and talent to make the world better, Today the race baiting still lives on for those who have been indoctrinated with the Jim Crow beliefs of 1865.

          • arleeda

            I agree Africans were brought to the colonies, but that is not the same thing as building and commanding the ships that brought them there. Actually the ones who discovered America were the indigenous peoples who crossed the Bering straits thousands of years ago.

      • Rhonda Warmack Houston

        Bee QU, You are absolutely correct. Also, it wasnt until the early 1960s when Thomas Jeffersons papers were released to the public that we all found out that his blue print for running his plantation was the one which every Southern plantation operated, which used those of another color as their economic muscle to make the planation earn money. There are so many things about your American history which have been covered up and conveniently not shared because we all want to feel special. People were very much like they are today, ruthless, not kind and were/are all out for number 1 and the more they had, the more they felt they needed. I have a BA in American history which I earned while on active duty in the navy (this was before women were allowed on boats and ships; however I was not a nurse, but was a navy intelligence specialist and now that I am retired, I have dug up all the truths which have never been told or hidden away.

        • Elizabeth

          People have been pretty much the same since the beginning of time, it Im sure was advantageous to us as a species and helped to get us to be at the top of the food chain. But I think it may be a detriment to us in the future, wonder if we will evolve to recognize that? Sounds like you had an interesting life and career in the Navy and still are learning which should be our goal till the very end…

    • Bee QU

      As we learned your history. Will you learn about our history before slavery.

    • Erdrick

      Converting people by force, by the sword, has never been a part of Islam. Our religion has never been a tool of exploitation[.] [European Christians] colonized America for its gold and Africa for its diamonds, now do it in the Middle East for its oil with the same dirty plot.

      Well he is right about that last part. Though I have to disagree with the first part, there are Muslims who force by the sword, but for the actual purpose of religion and not for materials, like Christians did.

      • Elizabeth

        Doesnt matter what youre killed for, dead is dead! And to the greedy, money is a religion….

    • Kim Serrahn

      So I guess the Ottoman Turks never conquered most of the middle east and Black sea countries by force, they all just laid down and said yes master.

    • Guelph

      Epic: the more you use, the less it means.

    • Virginia Liberal

      I dont celebrate Columbus Day anyway. We need to replace it with National Voting Day and move it to November.

    • hoser4

      Ahhh………. the discoverers of their own bathrooms, the tea baggers.

      • Rhonda Warmack Houston

        Koch bank rolled who take everything away from the American people to whom they gave their promise to serve when they were elected. Eventually, these people will be voted out of office, but not until one KNOWS 1) who is paying this persons bills to get elected, 2) what is their reason for running/purpose, which the voter has to find out and vote for NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE ENTERTAINED WITH THEIR WIT, BUT WHAT IS THE BRAIN FULL OF, GOOD THINGS OR THINGS FOR THEMSELVES AND THE RICH…voting these people in seem highly to be on entertainment which comes back to bit the voter, voters family, economy and our service people who were promised to be given a helping hand economically, mentally and physically to get back to living as a citizen again…but this party, that is NOT their mindset.

    • Ralph Byrns

      Dang, I was under the impression that Columbus was a late-comer. The first humans who discovered NA and SA probably came across the Bering Strait roughly 10,000-12,000 years ago, and ventured as far down as Tierra del Fuego and the Falklands. Chinese explorers also apparently mapped the West Coast of the United States long before Columbus. And then there were various Viking expeditions. And now we have this Turkish claim. The Tea Party complainers are obviously bumfoozled. That we celebrate Columbus Day is a symptom of conventional wisdom run amok.

      • Elizabeth

        See weve always been a nation of immigrants… tell that to the right wingers, white man didnt just magically sprout up out of the ground over here. Many have come to this continent and have a right to this land.

      • VMWH

        There was a reason the Spanish got their pilots from the Philippines.

    • Brett Taylor

      Wasnt the land of america already founded by native americans. when people state someone else founded this land, it dismisses the people who were already here.

    • Nadiah Beekun

      Actually there are several references to Muslims in the Americas long before Columbus. But they did not come to conquer, but explore and trade. Because these early visitors did not come over to claim other peoples lands and force them into Christiani….er Islam, we give the so called honor of discovering America to Columbus. There really is a LOT of information about many people of many races coming to the New World, but those that win the wars, write the history books.
      Here is a link that shows SOME sources that show Islam in pre-Columbus America.

    • VMWH

      Lots of people discovered America. None of those from Europe or the Near or Middle East appear to think that those people they discovered were already here were actually people. Those who came first to this land came before the era of Christianity.

    • Robyn Ryan

      Polynesians were visiting Southern Americas for centuries, if not millennium.

    • Kenneth Browning

      Even if muslims did discover America before Columbus, they were far from the first. Cahokia existed 400 years before the alleged date in the article, 1000 years before Columbus and 350 years before the 2nd oldest known settlement in present day New Mexico.

    • Bee QU

      African history/ Everything they dig out the ground is African Artifacts.. Thats why Egyptology was enacted. Information control/ hide the truth…

    • Mo Fei Chen

      Actually, the natives discovered Columbus walking on their beach and that wasnt even on the proper continental US.
      And honestly, Columbus was just one of many Spaniards exploring the islands of the Caribbean. His fame is mostly due to a push in the early 20th century.

    • Patrick James Bayham

      guilty :)

    • Patrick James Bayham

      True story: someone at a party once stated to me switzerland? thats in france? right?
      sorry about the trolling it was an experiment.:)