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Cilantro Pesto Removes Heavy Metals & Health Benefits

It is becoming more and more important to remove toxins and heavy metals from our body on a regular basis. Our bodys chemical body burden is reaching a tipping point and it is imperative that we add detoxifying foods to our diet, cilantro is an excellent way to enhance your bodys natural ability to detox.

Theres nothing I like more than learning about inexpensive, common herbs or spices that exhibit unusual healing properties. Historically, the use of herbs and spices in cooking evolved as a method to preserve foods and make them safer to store and eat. Weve grown accustomed to using these items to enhance or accentuate the flavors of food, but researchers continue to discover herbs have much more to offer than just good taste. Cilantro is such an herb and one of its medicinal benefits was uncovered through the work of Dr. Yoshiaki Omura.

For Recipe and More Info: Cilantro Pesto Removes Heavy Metals & Health Benefits

In our house we eat cilantro based recipes and juice cilantro daily the benefits are amazing.