But, when they found out that the 9 $ computer could do wonders for the embedded systems and other fields, they decided to market it as a separate product. It is powered by Linux operating system, 1-GHz processor, 512 Megabytes of RAM and four gigabytes of storage. This doesnt seem much, but small inventors and innovators throughout the world can use it best for fast-tracking their projects into reality. Already, the marketing department of the company shows how people plan to make weather stations, water tank level monitors, electronic props for cosplay outfits, indie arcade machines, drones, and more, all powered by the $9 CHIP. It will also be used in the future products for the company as it will continue to develop it for the future. We dont really know what the company is cooking right now, but their diverse human resource-laden team speaks for itself with a particle physicist, a comic book artist, an animatronics specialist and an architect as well as other talented people present in the team of 15 people.

Maybe theyll make a 30 $ tablet in the coming years!