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Chinese Winged Snake, Not Extinct After All

Shanghai| The Shanghai Dongwu Yuan (or Shanghai Zoo) announced this morning, the acquisition of two specimens of Draconem serpentem, known as the chinese winged snake. This excessively rare species was actually believed to be exctinct since the 17th century.

First registered by legendary Lao-Tzu in 526 B.C. in a poem, it remained a mystical creature in Asia for centuries, often being associated with supernatural powers. The English biologist, Charles Darwin allegedly encoutered this creature during his travels, and was the first western scientist to corroborate the existence of this legendary creature.

Many myths and exagerations are associated with this snake, which is accounted to have grown up to great lengths and heights as well as being immortal. Their body is rumored to regenerate even the gravest wound with stupendous rapidity, making it the only species on earth known to have this characteristic.

The chinese have associated the blood of the Draconem serpentem with immortality and sexual power for centuries, bringing the species to the brink of extinction. Most were killed off in the late 1900s, to be sold as an aphrodisiac, often in perfumes throughout Asia. The existence of these two new specimens now bring hope for the survival of the species.