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Caring For Your Crowning Glory Essential Oils For Hair


Want gorgeous shiny hair? Why not try essential oils for hair. What looks better than clean, shining, well cared for hair, nourished with fragrant essential oils? Even the plainest, most time touched face is enhanced and made lovely by beautiful hair.

Many of the things which we do, or dont do, in our everyday lives have an impact on our hair. For example, do we eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep? Simple things like this can impact the way our hair looks and feels.

The most significant thing we do to our hair is soak it in harmful chemicals. Hmm, surely I dont do that! I hear you say. Well, unless youre using very simple, natural hair products thats exactly what you are doing.

Your Hair Vows

Whatever the condition of your hair, you can improve it right now by starting to use essential oils as part of your regular hair care regime. First, make a vow that you will not color, bleach, straighten, perm or otherwise torture your poor hair. (I have a particular aversion to hair coloring, with the possible exception of henna, which does so much for hair texture and health). Your second vow is that you will only use very cool settings on your hair dryer, and will not use any other form of heat such as straightening irons. Third, but most important, check out this list of deliciously fragrant essential oils for hair that can transform your locks into something really special.

Why Use Essential Oils for Hair?

Essential oils have been used since time immemorial for all manner of health and beauty uses, long before Big Beauty persuaded us that only synthetic products could keep us looking good. With their intense fragrance and concentration of health giving properties, essential oils not only make your hair look good, they can also aid in faster growth, improving hair texture and the appearance of thickness, and of course, can be so useful in fighting dandruff and other annoying scalp issues.

How To Use Essential Oils For Hair Health And Beauty

There are three main ways to use essential oils in shampoo, rinsing water, and as a scalp treatment. Depending on your hair type and condition, you can use one, two or all three ways.

If your hair is normal, use just a few drops of one or more essential oils in a neutral shampoo base, and shampoo your hair in warm, not hot, water. You can use a few drops of oil in your rinse water for extra gloss and gleam. Once in blue moon, give yourself a scalp treatment see how below.

If your hair is greasy, dont be afraid to use essential oils. Greasy, oily hair is caused by overproduction of oil in the sebaceous glands, and essential oils can correct this. Use the same routine as for normal hair, perhaps omitting the essential oil in the rinsing water until your scalp begins to correct itself.

If your hair is dry and over-processed, then use the shampoo and rinse treatments as for normal hair, but add a regular scalp mask. Use a base oil and I recommend jojoba oil as the perfect carrier for all hair types and add a few drops of essential oils. For very dry hair, I like to use a mixture of lavender and rosemary. Sandalwood and geranium are also good experiment to see what works for you.

Heat the mixture gently so it is comfortably warm to the touch. Rub into dry hair, paying special attention to the scalp, massage gently along the length of the hair to the ends. Wrap in a warm towel, and lie down somewhere peaceful for half an hour. Then shampoo with your home made essential oil shampoo, using the same, or different oils. Rinse with plain warm water. Do this twice a week, reducing to weekly when you begin to see results.

Which Essential Oils For Which Type Of Hair?

For greasy, oily hair, use:






These all have slightly astringent qualities and like all oils, can be used singly or in combination.

For dry hair use:





These will stimulate natural oil production in your scalp, and heal dandruff and flaking

For normal hair, use:









You can almost use any essential oils for hair, but these will keep your hair glossy and healthy, year round.