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Brad Paisley Makes Funny Caitlyn Jenner Joke at CMAs… Liberals FREAK OUT

Last night was the CMAs, which traditionally features hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood performing a medley where they mock recently news items in a fun, politically-incorrect manner.

But for perpetually-offended liberals, one joke went way too far.

Nope, it wasnt the Miss Piggy joke, nor the surprising rip on Josh Duggar, but the mock song with the following lyrics:

Yep, as that Tweeter thought, pretty funny. And harmless. But not to enraged liberals, who tore up the nets with rage:

Touchy, arent we?

Why not? Since when is any person off-limits?

When reached for comment, Brad Paisley said, LOLWUT?

As comedian/commentator Steven Crowder noted:

Heres the thing: theyre not even making fun of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner here. Theyre simply noting the sex gender-change that has taken place in the public eye. They even used the term babe as to be jovially complimentary. I think they were being overly-gracious with that.

Because guess what? Jenners not really what most men would call a babe. Even if hed ever been born a woman. If Caitlyn Jenner walked into a bar, most men would look past the bizarrely botoxed, oddly broad-shouldered, man-voiced porcelain doll to scan the joint for the real babes.

A little harsh? Maybe. But Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood didnt say that. I did. Direct your hate tweets to @SCrowder accordingly and allow me to get back to my main point.

Brad and Carries only offense here is merely acknowledging that Bruce Jenner transitioned to a woman at all! They didnt single Caitlyn out for mean-spirited jokes. They didnt use newly-deemed hate-words like tranny. Their crime here was saying Hey that famous guy, who was always a guy, is now a babe.

… and then they moved on with the show. But leftists cant. Because todays SJW, leftist America is a place where all fun is strictly forbidden.

Exactly. Thankfully, the crowd of red state celebs loved the joke, proving that at least half of America is still sane.