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“Best of luck with the wall”: Donald Trump’s Mexico wall isn’t that easy, video shows

In principle, building a wall along the southern border doesn’t sound all that unreasonable. Making it the defining policy proposal of a major party presidential campaign is somewhat ludicrous, but the idea itself is at least a superficially plausible solution to a perceived defect in this country: open borders.

In a recent video produced by The Intercept’s Josh Begley, however, walling off the U.S.-Mexico border is revealed to be a lot less easy than it sounds. In fact, the entire project is quite preposterous when taking a closer look at it:

The video was made by stitching together 200,000 satellite images downloaded from Google Maps.

Donald Trump has insisted that Mexico will pay for the wall — although he has declined to provide specifics about how that will happen — and that it would only cost $10 billion. But estimates suggest that the real cost would be around $25 billion.