You might remember that back in April we had a quick post which mentioned that we were planning a Kansas City BBQ tour in May, and that we would share our findings with you when we returned. If you have been following Food n Focus on Twitter, you know that we just returned from spending 5 days in the land of BBQ.

Since its going to take a few days for us to go through BBQ detox and get our cholesterol back down to a reasonable level, we thought wed give you some hints of whats to come next week on Food n Focus. In the meantime you may want to go out and enjoy your local BBQ restaurant, because it may be the last time you find it acceptable after you see the pictures that we took in Kansas City, and read about the experiences we had over the course of our 5 day trip.

Hint #1: The word Burnt has an entirely different meaning in Kansas City than it does throughout the rest of the world. Im not going to go into more detail on this right now, but you are going to want to make sure to check back next week to learn more I promise, this is going to change your life.

Hint #2: Remember the cartoon The Flintstones? I have to say that I thought the side of ribs that tips over the car during the closing credits was fake, well I have been enlightened turns out that its not only real, but if you make your way to Kansas City, you too can experience something similar to what is in the classic cartoon. Who knew that the Town of Bedrock was a suburb of Kansas City?

Hint #3: While conventional wisdom might tell you that BBQ is only served in a dilapidated shack with a gravel parking lot, we have discovered that BBQ restaurants are as diverse as the cuts of meat that are smoked for hours on end. Next week well discuss the range in dining styles when it comes to BBQ in Kansas City.

Hint #4: Shhhhhhhh… Dont tell anyone that we said this, but there is more to Kansas City than just BBQ. Seriously, we had some pretty amazing cuisine in KC that wasnt BBQ. Next week we are going to wrap up our Kansas City BBQ week with something that actually isnt BBQ.

Next week is going to be huge! But before we get there, make a point to go have your local BBQ for the last time, take some time on Monday which is Memorial Day to remember the service members who died while serving the United States and then lets reconvene on Tuesday to talk BBQ!