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Apple Annouces Release of Paranormal Communication Application

USA| Appless CEO, Tim Cook, made an astonishing announcement yesterday during a press conference at the corporations headquarter in Cupertino, California. The company specializing in the development and marketing of computer and electronic devices, has released a new application for iPhone 5 and iPad, named iSpirit, that will allow customers to communicate with spirits, ghosts and other supernatural forces.

This surprising new function is made possible by the wide range of highly sensitive sensors already integrated into Apples recent devices, including an electromagnetic field reader, an electronic voice phenomenon recorder, infrared and night-vision cameras and a highly sensitive thermometer.

This wonderful new application will allow our customers to communicate directly and clearly with spirits, ghosts, poltergeists and othe supernatural forces present in an 30-meter radius stated Mister Cook during his address to the media. This wonderful new service is definitely the cheapest way to communicate with the dead or the Devil, hopefully bringing a stop to cartomancy and other forms of charlatanism. iSpirit is our gift to you for choosing Apple, hope you enjoy it!