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Andean Dream Product Review and Giveaway

I am always on the hunt for quality gluten free, dairy free, soy free organic products, so when Andean Dream suggested that their products might fit the bill I said send them on over.

Whats the Product?

Andean Dream Quinoa Products

Vegetarian Quinoa Noodle Soup

Tomato Quinoa Noodle Soup

Quinoa Past Macaroni, Shells, Spaghetti and Fusilli

Quinoa Cookies- Orange Essence, Chocolate Chip, Cocoa-Orange, Coconut and Raisin and Spice.

First Impressions

We get excited about the little things around my house so when a case of organic, gluten free, corn free, dairy free, soy free and nut free products arrives its like a party! So first impressions were great.

How I used it

Andean DreamWe started with the obvious, the cookies. I loved them. They are not nearly as sweet as most cookies and the flavors were mild but enjoyable. They were more like a short bread or scone than a cookie. My favorite was the coconut. I cannot say the same for my daughter she did not really enjoy them.

Next I made the Vegetarian Quinoa Noodle soup which all of us enjoyed. I was pleasantly surprised that the texture in the noodles was not off, which if you have tried other gluten free noodles you will know exactly what I mean.

I tried all of the noodles, macaroni, shells, fusilli and the spaghetti and they all were fantastic. I am pleased that my family now has another option for gluten free noodles that we can all agree on.

Actually I had both my sisters and my parents try these products and they all loved them, so a big thumbs up for Andean Dream.

How does Mother Earth feel about this product?

Mother Earth is sending some love to Andean Dream. Andean Dream uses all recyclable packaging for their products. They even individually wrap each cookie with recyclable packaging and for good reason. Their goal in wrapping the cookies this way is to get people away from using plastic storage bags for their carry-along snacks which do not decompose and are very harmful to the environment, or the plastic storage containers which have been found to contain carcinogens. Their wrappers are safe and environmentally friendly. Andean Dream is also committed to the 280 indigenous farming families in Bolivia who grow their Royal Quinoa. These people were previously some of the poorest in all of South America and their lives have significantly changed for the better because of this program. Andean Dream hopes you will purchase their products with the knowledge that they have a positive social impact for so many. Mother Earth is pleased indeed.

Is it a Healthy Product?

It is Gluten free, GMO free, Organic, Kosher, Soy Free and Corn free and it is nutrition packed. Quinoa is a complete protein, which means that it contains all the amino acids necessary for our nutritional needs. Complete proteins are rare in the plant world, making quinoa an excellent food for vegetarians and vegans, or for anyone looking for healthy protein source. Its also high in iron and calcium, and is a good source of manganese, magnesium and copper, as well as fiber. Healthy? Indeed!

How does this product impact my wallet?

The prices are competitive in the gluten free market. The cookies will cost you $5.99 per box, the pasta runs about $4.99 per box and the soup is $5.49 per box. Andean Dream is available on-line or at Whole Foods.

Would I recommend this product to a friend?

Absolutely! I am in love with these products and wouldnt hesitate to recommend it to others.

Bottom Line:


4 1/2 stars. Great products for those of us that deal with food allergies. It is wonderful to come across another option that not only tastes great but has wonderful health benefits.

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