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Amazing Beauty DIY: Get Wavy Loose Curls for Short to Medium Hair


Even if you dont have naturally curly hair, you can have beautiful bouncy curls no matter what the length of your hair. Short hair is traditionally a bit more difficult to curl, particularly if you are looking for those large, loose curls. You can however, curl short to medium length hair and get the same curls that those with longer hair have you just have to do it a bit differently.

If you have a curling iron, and most women these days do, you just have to be sure to section off your hair. Make one section on top and one on bottom, sort of like when you straighten it. Curling the bottom section first allows you to create those large bouncy curls and then you just have to curl the top which will fill in sections that dont have curl.

Getting wavy, bouncy curls is really not hard even if you have shorter hair. You will need a good curling iron and a bit of hairspray to hold your curls in place. Video by galmmeetsglam.