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Add a Few Drops in a Glass of Water and Protect Your Vision, Slow Down Aging and Protect Your Heart

Drinking water is essential for every living being on this planet. We should always keep in mind to stay hydrated and it is the best drink with no calories at all. Water is important for our health and yes sometimes we simply cannot resist to try something else like sodas but later we regret it. So to make water not so boring we can flavor it with natural lemon.Add a Few Drops in a Glass of Water and Protect Your Vision, Slow Down Aging and Protect Your Heart

Lemonade is awesome and healthy because it contains lots of Vitamin C, an antioxidant which prevents cell damage, slowdowns aging, prevents cardiovascular diseases and cancer, and keeps your vision healthy.

Vitamin C has a positive effect on the cells and water moisturizes thus slowing down aging, as if you doubled the fountain of youth.

Lemon is very effective in flushing toxins and other poisons in the body. Thats why always keep in mind that every time you drink a fresh lemonade you are actually cleansing your body.

Lemon will aid you to forestall stomach issues and enhance digestion, particularly in conjunction with warm water or with a tiny bit of mint known by its capability to lessen the stomach and sickness.

Lemon can boost the overall metabolism because anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. So next time you catch a flu or cold make sure lemon is a first choice to use. Additionally, it can help against irritated throat, too.

Use lemon to freshen up your breath and dont be silly in believing the myths that it will damage your tooth enamel. Lemon in water means the risk is very low.

Most importantly do not buy such products which will have additional sugar and preservatives, but make your own lemonade by squeezing lemon in water or simply by adding slices of lemon in the water and make sure its organic for the best of your health.

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