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8 Celebrities Who Were Wealthy Before They Got Famous

Taylor Swift grew up in an affluent family.

Taylor Swift grew up in an affluent family.

Being born rich is arguably the fastest path to wealth. Actually, I guess there really is no argument unless an embryo can win the lottery.

For some celebrities, starting on the ground floor and working their way up was the only option. For others, their “day jobs” were a little cushier.

Taylor Swift is one star who grew up with money in the family — not that there’s anything wrong with that. Her own talent is still what’s responsible for her becoming one of the world’s biggest pop stars.

Taylor’s dad Scott worked as a financial adviser for wealth management powerhouse Merrill Lynch and he reportedly comes from a line of banker juggernauts. Her mother Andrea used to be a mutual fund marketing executive which only added to her family’s net worth.

In case you needed more evidence, Taylor grew up on a huge 11-acre farm and her family had a New Jersey summer home right on the beach.

Taylor certainly isn’t the only celebrity to have an upscale upbringing. Check out our gallery to see some others.