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7 Genius Waffle Iron Recipes Everyone Must Try

7 Genius Waffle Iron Recipes Everyone Must TryWhen you bought your waffle iron, maybe you were just thinking of waffles. And as good as waffles are, maybe you then asked yourself why you bought such a super-specific kitchen appliance. But your waffle iron is a lot more useful than you might realize! This quick video tells you how you can make 7 other types of food with your waffles, including brownies, cinnamon buns, hash browns, quesadillas, omelettes, biscuits, and the breakfast wiscuit sandwich.

This is a very handy video if you are a busy student or employee who is pressed for time in the mornings and the evenings. Or maybe you just dont have a huge number of kitchen appliances and want to get the most out of what you have. Or maybe you simply are curious about the possibilities of your waffle iron. No matter what, your waffle iron is a quick, fun and easy way to make a whole lot more than waffles!

Video by Howdini click on the link to check out her Youtube channel.