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57 Clothing Tips, Tricks And Projects That Are Borderline Genius

57 Clothing Tips, Tricks And Projects That Are Borderline Genius...Sometimes we just have to make do with what we have instead of buying more, and sometimes, this isnt actually such a bad thing! Ive rounded up some of the most innovative, creative and helpful tutorials that show you how to turn ordinary items of clothing into something totally fresh and new at a very low cost, might I add! I also rounded up some super helpful clothing hacks that Im already benefitting from, so I know you will too!

1. Hacks and Tricks

Tucking Non-Skinny Jeans in Boots

Tucking Non-Skinny Jeans in BootsIf youre not really the skinny jean type of gal you may be under the impression that its impossible to tuck in your bootcut jeans to show off your cute boots. Youre wrong! Heres a very simple trick to make this work without that ugly bunching up.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions StyleBerry

Stay Zipped Up

Stay Zipped UpSome pants have that annoying zipper that just doesnt zip all the way up and stay there. If you dont want people telling you that your fly is down all day long, implement this brilliant and easy trick to save yourself from uncomfortable situations.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions WhoWhatWear

Stretch Tight Jeans

Stretch Tight JeansYou know the drill: your nice pair of jeans seem to have gotten a little tight (its their fault, not yours!) and youre not quite ready to go buy a replacement pair. The great thing about jeans is that you can actually stretch them out to fit you perfectly once again.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions WikiHow

Get Rid of Deodorant Stains

Get Rid of Deodorant StainsNot only are these marks pretty embarrassing but they can totally ruin your outfit! Luckily, there are two very quick and painless ways to get those stains off in within minutes without having to run home to wash or change.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions TasteStyle

Bra Strap Concealer

Bra Strap ConcealerSome tops are cut in a way that dont really take your bra straps into account it may be a wide neck, an off-the-shoulder or a narrow shoulder cut. If you dont have a good strapless bra, or simply just prefer your strapped bra, try this little trick to conceal visible straps.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions RecycledFashion

Sweater over Button-Up Shirt

Sweater over Button-Up ShirtOne of lifes great clothing annoyances is the weird bunching up and frumpiness that comes with wearing a sweater over a button-up shirt. Love the look, hate looking weird with button outlines. I could practically feel the world shattering around me when I first saw this smoothing-out trick, so its about time I share it with you!

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions Franish


Double-HangersIf you want to connect your hangers to preplan outfits or simply save some closet space, actually spending a dollar here and there on these tiny things seems a little silly. Thankfully, some genius discovered that something that is usually tossed as trash can do the very same trick at no extra cost!

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions IdeaBottle

Un-Shrink Your Clothes

Un-Shrink Your ClothesIts happened to all of us (perhaps more than others): you accidentally toss a once perfectly-fitting item of clothing in the drier and now it looks like it belongs to your daughter or little sister. Dont despair! Theres actually a way for you to relax the fibers so that you can once again fit into your own clothes.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions OneGoodThing

Low Back, No Strap

Low Back, No StrapI absolutely love backless or low-back clothing, but unless youre happy to go braless, getting the support you need is rather tough without a visible back bra strap. I found two very helpful solutions to this problem: one is a DIY bra converter, and the other is something a little more permanent.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions ExtraPetite and Skunkboy

Easy De-Pilling

Easy De-PillingThose pillsor little fuzz balls as my friend calls themcan really ruin a beautiful item of clothing. Thankfully, though, theres a relatively easy way to de-pill and get your clothes looking as good as new.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions Cotton&Curls

Scrunched Sleeves

Scrunched SleevesWant a cool way to roll up your cuffed sleeves? Try this preppy way a la J.Crew! The scrunched sleeves add a little something different to a regular button-up shirt. This method works best with denim.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions WhoWhatWear

De-Wrinkle without an Iron

De-Wrinkle without an IronNeed to get rid of wrinkles in your clothing but dont have an iron (or just dont feel like ironing)? Dont despair! Here are seven no-iron methods to get rid of those pesky wrinkles and crinkles some are quicker than others.

Lifehack Source and Detailed Instructions TheSecretYumiverse